Saudi F-15 Shot Down Houthi Drone: Watch

Watch: Saudi F-15 Shot Down Houthi Drone
An F-15 Eagle aircraft of the Royal Saudi Air Force takes off during Operation Desert Shield – Tech. Sgt. Hans H. Define

Video in the post shows Saudi F-15 Shot Down a Houthi rebel ‘suicide drone’ out of the sky over the mountain range.

Why Saudi F-15 Shot Down Houthi Drone:

The video begins with individuals on the ground watching the Qasef flying along above, with its engine humming loudly. A missile is then seen flying in underneath the drone.

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The missile detonates after coming within a certain distance of the unmanned aircraft, causing it to fall out of the sky.

An F-15, which looks to have launched the missile, then comes zooming into view. The Saudi operate a number of different Eagle variants and it’s not possible to tell at the distance the video was shot which version is seen in this case.

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Here’s the video :

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Which fighter jet shot down Houthi Drone?

Who are Houthi rebel ?

The Houthi insurgency in Yemen, also known as the Houthi rebellion, the Sa’dah War, or the Sa’dah conflict, was a military rebellion pitting Zaidi Shia Houthis against the Yemeni military that began in Northern Yemen and has since escalated into a full-scale civil war.

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