Ukrainian Secretary of National Security Announces Readiness for Major Counter-offensive Against Pro-Russian Separatists

Kyiv, Ukraine – 27 May 2023

Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, in an exclusive interview with International News Network (INN) this morning, revealed that Ukraine is prepared to launch a major counter-offensive against pro-Russian separatists.

The statement comes as tensions have escalated in the eastern regions of the country, which have been embroiled in conflict since 2014. It marks a new development in Ukraine’s response to the pro-Russian separatist movement. This is the first time a high-ranking Ukrainian official has publicly confirmed readiness to take significant military action against the separatists.

Secretary of the National security and defence council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov answers AFP journalists’ questions during an interview in his office, in Kiev on December 24, 2021. – “Putin wants to destroy Ukraine” but he will not succeed as all Ukrainians will resists in the event of a Russian invasion, a country’s top security aide told AFP in an interview. (Photo by Sergei SUPINSKY / AFP) (Photo by SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

“We are ready to begin,” Danilov stated confidently, ensuring the Ukrainian military was well-prepared and determined to secure its territories. “Our primary goal is to ensure the safety and sovereignty of Ukraine. We have strategized extensively and are ready to defend our nation and restore peace to our lands.”

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Ukraine has faced aggression from pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas region for many years, resulting in thousands of casualties and displacements. Danilov did not disclose specific operational details but made it clear that a significant shift in strategy is underway, and it aims to stop the ongoing conflict.

“We respect the Minsk Agreements, but we cannot stand idly by as our citizens continue to suffer,” Danilov said, referring to the peace accords intended to cease hostilities but have often been breached.

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The Secretary also stressed the importance of international support. He urged the international community to back Ukraine’s position, reaffirming the need for sanctions against Russia until peace is established in the region.

“Only united, we can put an end to the aggression and ensure the safety of all citizens, irrespective of their nationality or language,” he added.

This announcement comes amid growing international concern over the situation in Ukraine. Many fear a renewed offensive could escalate the situation and potentially pull other nations into the conflict. However, it also raises hopes of finally ending the drawn-out conflict.

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International responses have been varied, with some countries expressing support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and others voicing concern over potential escalation. The United States and European Union have not officially commented on this development.

As the world waits for the next move in this geopolitical chess match, the lives of thousands of civilians hang in the balance. Any action taken in the following days will have lasting repercussions for the region and beyond.

Danilov’s announcement will undeniably change the trajectory of the conflict. However, whether this counter-offensive will bring about the desired peace or trigger further chaos in the already troubled region remains.

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