Strengthening Ties and Navies: TKMS Delivers Second Stealth Frigate to Egypt

On the 26th of May, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) ceremoniously delivered the second MEKO A-200 EN frigate, named Al-Qahhar, to the Egyptian Navy, strengthening the defence capability of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The formal event occurred in Bremerhaven, Germany, where the ship was christened by the Egyptian Navy’s Chief, Vice Admiral Ashraf Ibrahim Atwa. Al-Qahhar translates to “The Irresistible Subduer,” a name that encapsulates its power and dominance.

Strengthening Ties and Navies TKMS Delivers Second Stealth Frigate to Egypt
Photo: TKMS

Vice Admiral Atwa commended the project for its exemplary demonstration of collaborative military industrialization, suggesting it could serve as a benchmark for other nations.

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The partnership between Egypt and TKMS is strong and enduring, evidenced by their ongoing collaborations on naval surface vessels and submarines. Paul Glaser, the CFO of TKMS, praised the success of the first ship, Al-Aziz, in its service, expressing confidence that Al-Qahhar, its sister ship, will meet the same performance standard.

The MEKO A-200 EN frigates are:

  • Formidable vessels.
  • Boasting dimensions of 121 meters in length and 16 meters in width.
  • A top speed exceeding 29 knots.
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These frigates are designed with stealth capabilities and will serve as the Egyptian Navy’s primary battle platforms, equipped with a comprehensive array of offensive and defensive systems.

Egypt has commissioned a total of four identical MEKO A-200 EN frigates. The first three ships are being constructed in Germany. At the same time, the fourth is being built by Alexandria Shipyard in Egypt, demonstrating a joint effort in naval manufacturing between the two nations.

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The contract for these military vessels was penned in September 2018, with the construction of Al-Qahhar commencing in December 2019. After the keel was laid in March 2020, the vessel was launched in August 2021. Al-Qahhar is scheduled to journey to its homeport in Alexandria shortly. The project is set to reach another significant milestone later this year with the delivery of the third frigate, Al Qadeer.

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