After Russia Belarus Also Deploys Troops To Ukrainian Border

After Russia Belarus Also Deploys Troops To Ukrainian Border

As we have reported earlier that Russia is deploying additional troops near ukrainian border.

Now according to a reporter from one of Germany’s highest-circulating dailies Bild, Julian Ropcke Belarus has also deployed its troops to the country’s borders with Ukraine.

“Dictator Lukashenko is also moving the Belarusian army towards the Ukrainian border (here 60 km north of the border of Rivne Oblast),” he said on Twitter.

Photos released by Julian Ropcke show large amounts of Belarus’ military hardware, including BTR-80 armored vehicles and military trucks.

The military convoy was filmed on 31 March near Logishin, Belarus.

In addition, earlier on Tuesday, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Ruslan Khomchak said that Russia is building up armed forces near Ukraine’s borders in a threat to the country’s security.

In remarks to parliament, Khomchak also accused pro-Moscow separatists of systematically violating a ceasefire in the conflict in eastern Ukraine agreed in July 2020.

Ukraine and Russia have traded blame for a spike in violence in the conflict, which Kyiv says has killed 14,000 people since 2014.

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