Malaysia buys JF-17: when will Malaysia buy the JF-17 at last?

Malaysia buys JF-17: when will Malaysia buy the JF-17 at last?

image of Malaysia buys JF-17 from Pakistan

Outline of Malaysia buys JF-17 :

When Malaysia buys JF-17:

Firstly, Malaysia is planning to buy the Pakistani JF17 Thunder fighter jet after Myanmar, Nigeria, and Argentina.

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Secondly, Malaysia decided to buy 18 fighter jet planes. At first Rafale, Tejas, Eurofighter, and F18 aircraft were initially offered to Malaysia.

Thirdly, In light of budget problems, Malaysia switched its platform to a light fighter aircraft. Only JF-17 is the best option for Malaysia to buy.

Announcing an amendment to its existing MiG-29 fleet, the Malaysian Air Force can choose from a Korean FA-50 or JF-17.

Consequently, Malaysia is interested in JF-17 thunder and shortlists it for its lightweight aircraft. The other is South Korea’s FA-50 and India’s HAL Tejas.

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On top of that, Malaysia can finally get Pakistani JF-17 thunder jets, it’s value noting that Argentina and Nigeria have recently placed orders for Pakistani JF-17 Block III fighters.

Malaysia, following Myanmar, Nigeria, and Argentina, Plans to buy for Pakistani Fighter Jet JF-17 plane.

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Imran Khan invited the Malaysian Prime Minister to attend the Pakistan Day parade. During which the JF-17 fighter Jets were on display.

What Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad said on his visit to Pakistan:

The Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad gave an interview following the grand celebrations and shared:

They (Pakistan) have been able to build aircraft now which were demonstrated. They perform very well.

Praising the JF-17 Thunders:

I knew Pakistan will Like to sell its planes to us, So we said to give us one or two planes so we can see how strong they are.

Praising the PAK ARMY, He further said:

I know how strong the Pakistan army is. If you fight against them, you will get a bloddy nose.

On top of that, Pakistani Journalist and Strategic Analyst Huzaifah Farid mention on Twitter that the Malaysia-Pakistan JF-17 deal is underway.

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Huzaifah Farid confirms of Malaysia buys JF-17:

On top of that, Here are some of the features of JF-17 thunder:

Specification of Malaysia buys JF-17:


Crew One, but block B has 2 crew
First FlightAugust 2003
Entered in service March 2007
TypeSingle-engine, lightweight, multipurpose combat aircraft
Expected Cost$15m-$25m
Origin* Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)
* Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG)
BlocksJF-17 Thunder jet is divided into 3 blocks:

* Block I
* Block II
* Block III
* JF-17B
 First Squadron of JF-17 26 Squadron Black Spiders introduced in 2010


Length49 ft
Height15.5 ft
Wing Area31 ft


Empty Weight 14,134 lb
Maximum Take-Off Weight 27,500 lb
Maximum Landing Weight 17,200 lb
Fuel Weight 5000 lb


Maximum Speed1,909km/h or 1.6 Mach
Service Ceiling 55,500 ft
Ferry range2,037km
Thrust to Weight Ratio 0.95


Name Klimov RD-93 Guizhou WS-13
Type Turbofan Turbofan
Origin Russia China
No of Enginesoneone
Dry Thrust 49.4 kN 51.2 kN
Thrust After Burner84.4 kN 86.37 kN
Source from:


PM Mahathir was briefed on JF-17 Thunder fighter jets at the Nur Khan Airbase. Before he departed from the country as his three-day visit concluded on March 23.

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Finally, Malaysia confirms that they buy from Pakistan. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex has speedup the production of JF-17 to deliver to 4 countries on time.

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At last, Read FAQs related to this post:

Which countries are buying JF-17?

Malaysia, Iraq, and Argentina are buying JF-17 fighter jet planes from Pakistan.

How much does JF-17 cost?

China said: the performance of the JF-17 fighter is worthy of its 50 million dollar price tag.

What other two light-weight aircraft rejected by Malaysia?

South Korea’s FA-50 and India’s HAL Tejas are rejected by the Malaysian Airforce.

Why malaysia selected JF-17 rathen then Tejas or FA-50?

Malaysia shortlisted the JF-17 thunder jet plane for its lightweight and lower cost.

How many JF-17 Fighter jet planes malaysia is planning to buy from pakistan?

Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) decided to buy 18 fighter jet planes.

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