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According to the top official’s sources, Iraq to buy 12 JF-17 fighter jets planes from Pakistan, manufactured at the (PAC) Kamra. However, 42% is produced in China, with the final assembly taking place in Pakistan.

Moreover, The Iraqi government has approved the spending of $ 664 million for the purchase of 12 JF17 Thunder Block III fighters from Pakistan.

Outline of this news:

When Iraq buy 12 JF-17:

Firstly, the main official sources told “The Nation” that several rounds of negotiations between Pakistan and Iraq continued this year.

Moreover, the deal was made during the visit of Deputy Commander of Iraqi Airforce Muhammad Majeed Mahdi Mahmood to Pakistan.

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In addition, Iraqi Defense Minister, Lieutenant-General Juma Inad Saadoun, was in Pakistan in May.

He held meetings with Pakistani leaders and officials and discussed Iraqs interest in buying the JF-17 Thunder jets.

Secondly, Pakistan already host a major defense exhibit in Baghdad in April 2021. Where the Thunder JF-17 presents and attracts a large audience.

Thirdly, a month earlier, General Nadeem Raza also visited Iraq and met with local senior defense officials, and discussed defense deals.

Meanwhile, Argentina also shows interest in buying 12 JF-17 Block III fighters from Pakistan.

However, the Argentine ministry of defense said “The Argentine Air Force had not selected a preferred fighter yet”.

In addition, Malaysia also shows interest in the fourth-generation jets developed jointly by Pakistan and China.

Consequently, Nigeria had also purchased three fighter jets from Pakistan Airforce last year.

In short, the JF-17 Thunder Block III is in production at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

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Qualities of J-17 Fighter Jets Planes:

The JF-17 Block III is a supersonic, multi-role 4+ generation fighter jet plane. Moreover, it is able to perform:

  1. combat air patrol
  2. air interdiction
  3. beyond visual range integrated battle
  4. long-range maritime strikes
  5. standoff range precision ground strikes
  6. anti-radiation SEAD/DEAD missions
  7. electronic warfare

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At last, Read FAQs related to this post:

How much Iraq is spending for the purchase of 12 JF-17 fighter jets planes ?

Iraq signed an agreement of $ 664 million to buy 12 JF-17 fighter jets planes from Pakistan.

How many JF-17 Thunder does Pakistan have?

Which country Buy JF-17 Thunder from Pakistan?

Argentina is planning to buy 12 JF-17A Block-III fighter jets planes from Pakistan.

What is JF-17 Thunder jets planes top speed?

The top speed of thunder jets planes is 1,960 km/h.

Is JF-17 Thunder supersonic?

Yes, JF-17 Thunder is supersonic, multi-role 4+ generation fighter aircraft.

What is the price of JF-17 Thunder?

China said: the performance of the JF-17 fighter is absolutely worthy of its 50 million dollar price tag.

Which country owns JF-17 Thunder?

58% of the JF17 aircraft structure, including the front fuselage, wings, and rudder, is made in Pakistan, but 42% is made in China and the final assembly is done in Pakistan.

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