Iraq Boosts Air Capabilities: Welcomes First Batch of Pakistan’s Super Mushshak Aircraft

In a significant move to boost its aviation capabilities, the Iraqi Air Force has received its first batch of Super Mushshak aircraft from Pakistan. This development solidifies the military ties between Iraq and Pakistan and exemplifies Pakistan’s growing influence in the global defence industry.

The Super Mushshak, a primary trainer aircraft developed and produced by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), is an advanced variant of the Mushshak aircraft originally designed by Saab of Sweden. Known for its robust performance and adaptability, the Super Mushshak is utilized by several countries, including Nigeria, Qatar, and Iraq, for pilot training and light attack roles.

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The exact number of aircraft delivered in this first batch has not been disclosed. Still, the agreement between Iraq and Pakistan includes pilot training, technical support, necessary ground equipment, and aircraft.

The acquisition of these aircraft aligns with the Iraqi Air Force’s strategy to revamp and modernize its fleet. The Super Mushshak, equipped with a glass cockpit and advanced avionics, provides an ideal platform for primary flight training. Its ability to perform aerobatics, night flying, instrument flying, and navigation training makes it an asset for any air force.

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Pakistan, a nation with a well-established defence industry, has gradually increased its footprint in the international arms market. The sale of Super Mushshak aircraft to Iraq signals Pakistan’s emerging role as a significant player in the global defence landscape.

This new addition to the Iraqi Air Force is expected to enhance Iraq’s aerial capacity and its defence capabilities in the region. The Super Mushshak’s ability to serve in training and combat missions underscores its importance in the nation’s arsenal.

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Moreover, this deal indicates the strengthening of the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Iraq. Cooperation in the defence sector often catalyzes strategic alliances and fortifies diplomatic ties. As such, this transaction is likely to have implications that extend beyond military hardware.

In conclusion, the induction of the Super Mushshak into the Iraqi Air Force is a strategic move that promises to deliver significant benefits. It bolsters Iraq’s defence capabilities, underscores Pakistan’s role in the international defence industry, and augments the bilateral relationship between the two nations.

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