Fincantieri: A Key Player in Italian Naval Development

It’s an exciting day for the Italian naval landscape as Fincantieri, the renowned Italian shipbuilding company, has disclosed the initiation of production on the Italian Navy’s second U212NFS submarine.

Commencement of the U212NFS Submarine Production

The manufacturing wheels started turning today at the shipyard in Muggiano (La Spezia). This momentous event marks the dawn of a new chapter in Italy’s naval defense system.

Construction starts on Italian Navy’s 2nd U212NFS submarine
Photo: Fincantieri

Overview of the U212NFS Program

The agenda includes the development of two submarines commissioned in 2021, set to be deployed in 2027 and 2029 respectively. Additionally, a third submarine has received the nod of approval from the parliament, alongside the establishment of a dedicated Training Center. The guiding force behind this entire endeavor is OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matiére d’Armement), a prominent international organization championing joint armament collaboration.

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Role of OCCAR

OCCAR’s involvement signifies the strategic importance of this initiative in fostering international maritime cooperation and enhancing Italy’s naval prowess.

Unveiling Unique Modifications for U212NFS Submarines

The U212NFS submarines are expected to undergo significant design enhancements, all of which are being independently engineered by Fincantieri in accordance with the specific needs of the Italian Navy. This customization underscores the strategic approach taken in designing these submarines, ensuring they meet the unique operational requirements of the Italian Navy.

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The Multi-faceted Role of U212NFS Submarines

These submarines are not just about bolstering military might; they are also about serving the community on a daily basis. Their mission scope is incredibly diverse, ranging from preserving national interests and collective defense to more.

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Military Missions

In terms of military missions, the submarines function within the parameters of Italy’s vital alliances, namely NATO and the EU. Their role here is integral to Italy’s defense strategy.

Alliance with NATO and EU

These alliances provide a robust framework that guides the operations of these submarines, ensuring synergy and effective response to potential threats.

Freedom of Navigation and Anti-piracy Operations

From conducting operations ensuring freedom of navigation to carrying out anti-piracy measures, the U212NFS submarines are vigilant guardians of the sea.

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