Chinese MOD Confirms Z-10 Helicopter Crash Reports

Chinese MOD Confirms Z-10 Helicopter Crash Reports

The Chinese Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Z-10K attack helicopter crashed during a “routine training mission” on March 19.

According to military sources, the Z-10 attack helicopter assigned to the army aviation brigade under the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force was on a routine training mission when it crashed on Friday.

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Two pilots of the helicopter were pronounced dead.

Last week images of the damaged Z-10 Helicopter began to circulate on the internet. However, there were no details about the crash that was made public at that time.

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The incident is under investigation. The cause of crash is still unknown.

The Z-10 is a modern Chinese attack helicopter developed by Changhe Aircraft Industries Group (CHAIG) and the China Helicopter Research and Development Institute (CHRDI) for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

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The Z-10 attack helicopter can be primarily deployed in anti-armor and battlefield interdiction missions.

The helicopter can also conduct limited air-to-air combat operations.

It incorporates a conventional attack helicopter layout featuring a nail down the fuselage and stepped tandem cockpit

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